Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Improving Esl Students’ Essay Writing Skills

Improving ESL students’ probe writing skills ESL students are facing sometimes great difficulties when they encounter the task of essay writing. This may put up from some deficiency in understanding their task, using reserve social organisations and lexis, drafting effectively or doing interactive peer final result work. Therefore, ESL teachers should acquaint themselves with some techniques with the help of which nonnative speakers of English could animate these skills. First, it is most weighty to pose the essay questions in the in force(p) way and order for ESL students. There are several contributors to the detail that sometimes they do not go through on the whole points, and it was pointed out that the order and length are not less(prenominal) important than lucidity (Chiste and Oshea, 1988). Chiste and Oshea also remark that students must be taught and so to read through completely the questions. Once understood, all essay questions can be written about by L2 students. Furthermore, c at oncerning the organisement process of the essay, creating multiple drafts is an effective method for ESL writers. non that do they revise and reconsider their ideas, but they may develop them the only rough drafts into a deeper investigation on the topic. However, as Dicker and Sheppard (1985) point out, great improvement in structure cannot be expected, only the fact that sentence boundaries are completed better in final versions. Nonetheless, if students are boost to ferment drafts, they may not get lost in their ideas. syntactic features depend rather on what level of lyric poetry proficiency the students are. Teachers could estimate their levels on the basis of Ferris (1994). Ferris points out that once having realized the levels of L2 students, teachers should expand their structural and lexical knowledge on that very level (e.g., teaching to use synonymy, antonymy, etc.). Thus, students will apt(predicate) use relevant and rich phrases, which are appropriate for thei! r key language proficiency. In addition,...If you want to get a panoptic essay, order it on our website:

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