Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evaluate Relationshi

1.1Evaluate the relationship between business and engineering science. (5) The increasing net income use and evolutions in telecommunications were a immanent extension of the schooling or Computer Age. Technology changed the worlds financial market place stores, reapingion processes, the way business is conducted and even jobs. Online technologies are at a time part of the daily operations and sometimes the core operations of companies. In todays business world a company without engineering such as computers, fax machines and cubicle phones is unheard of. Technology is part of every business intelligence and employees daily life. Technology is an efficiency enabler and makes people nominate life faster, more accurate thus impacting directly on profits. in that location is overly a paradox in that technology sometimes gets the blame when service to customers is not through with(p) efficiently. Technology is employ for Business Intelligence to gather market, product and customer information, infallible to determine company strategies. A figure of speech shift occurs with the comer of ever developing technology from visible labour and natural resources to industrialised enterp face lifts with technology policies and strategies at the warmheartedness of competitive advantage. As used by the Lockheed company, technology is also exposed to honorable behaviour of employees and important to how the company is metrical in the market place. A high level of technology and knowledge has the military group to convert resources to products and services. This give rise to division of labour which improves productiveness that impacts profits directly. Management of technology is today a essential part of a theatre directors duties and decision making skills as well as a change agent.If you demand to get a sufficient essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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