Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Behavior Change Contract Paper

Behavior Change Contract Paper When I prototypal usher this weeks set apartment it surprised me because I was already making a contract with myself to quit smoking. I shortly roll of tobacco about a half a compress a day and I discern that it is very wheezy for me and the wad around me. I currently just started a in the raw job and do not prolong redress at this time. The reason this is chief(prenominal) is because I waste time-tested to quit smoking on my own and failed too some times. With insurance I tooshie get a medicine called Chantix which aids blocks the sensors that make sight enjoy smoking cigargonttes. I arrest that smoking the cig arttes ar not just a fleshly addiction sedate a very mental addiction. subsequently I eliminate I always have a cigarette, when I am driving I have a cigarette and when I am bored I as well as lot cigarettes. On top of taking the medication I also have to keep myself from getting bored, chew gum tree after I eat and when I get in the car to keep my mind off smoking instead. I will also have to try as steamy as I laughingstock to keep myself away from lot while they are smoking to reduce the urge to smoke a cigarette with them. I believe that these reasons for smoking are more intense than the physical addiction. I decided in order to aid me quit I would also assign myself positive advantage to make it even more disbursement it. I currently have the Iphone 3gs which is an older model and I want to get the upstartest model the Iphone 4s. What I intend to do is take the money that I would be spending individually week on cigarette packs and put it towards the purchase of this new phone that I really want. I feel that this is a great way for me to actually stick with quitting because I have medication to help me with quitting and also positive reinforcements to also help me along. There are many factors that going into smoking cigarettes and quitting entirely I not only doin g this to get the phone reinforcement at th! e end I am doing it because I am ready to quit and better myself so I can live longer for my children.If you want to get a to the spacious essay, order it on our website:

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