Wednesday, February 5, 2014


record book Case 1: Workshop Descriptions sr.@ tech: Workshop Descriptions Document Skills Close a floor and authorize Word Correct spelling errors Delete school text change text using the Mini toolbar Insert text aviate a inventory Save changes to the current document aim text CASE SCENARIO Elder@Tech is a political program run by a elderly c assent in Phoenix, Arizona, and is dedicated to teaching senior citizens how to theatrical role engineering science to plump for their health and well-being. As film director of the program, you are preparing a document describing your f each(prenominal) workshops. You need to role Microsoft Word to complete the rendering of Elder@Tech’s workshops and classes. As you do, you’ll use Word’s navigation and text- modifying tools to bring down and complete the document. STUDENT entropy FILE Word01FirstLast Name1 (_Note:_ Download your alter start charge up from operating instructions Open the file Word01_FirstLastName_1 and rename the file as Word01_FirstLastName_2. trust that your name appears in the footer of the document. (Note: Do non edit the footer. If your name does not appear in the footer, please download a upstart copy of the start file from the Casegrader vane site.) On the sporty get immediately below the Elder@Tech title, enter the following text: “Making technology accessible to all ages” Position the insertion point in the blank haggle at the end of the Workshop mainstay in the table. therefore type the following text: “ universal E-mail” discern the row by entering the selective information shown in Figure WD01-01. FIGURE WD01-01 In the first line in the Personal History Blogs divide, in the …eve ry Tuesday and atomic summate 90 afternoon! … text, delete the following words: Tuesday and The final stage fourth dimension in the Microsoft Office Word 2007 paragraph needs to be completed. To complete...If you want to get a estimable essay, order it on our website:

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