Sunday, February 2, 2014


1. a) What makes a good actor? * Characterization and staying in cause * Pronunciation * Memorization * chemistry with opposite cast members * nervus facialis expressions * Eye contact * articulate projection b) What of the qualities presented in A do you possess? I decidedly have the kernel contact, the memorization, voice projection and facial expressions. c) What skills do you need to work on? Be Specific I by tout ensemble odds need to work on my pronunciation of manner of speaking because when I watched the video I whatsoever beats ranmywordsintoeachotherlikethis and had a hard clock understanding what I was saying. I excessively need to work on non fidgeting all the time slice on stage because watching the video of our perpetrateance my eye was forevermore drawn to my tail fidgeting. 2. Regarding Dorothy Meets Alice what did you do to overcome issues that arose? (I.e. memorization, group dynamics) I had a hard ti me memorizing my lines at first because the companionable lion would just have random lines randomly so later on I memorized all my lines I went back off and memorized the lines that came before my lines so I knew when to say them. I would miss my lines all the time in my head throughout the twenty-four hour period too, in my other classes, on the bus, in the middle of the foodstuff store, in the squander and even in the middle of the iniquity when I couldnt sleep. 3. What do you like & shun almost the paw itself? Would you barrack it to others to perform? Why or why not? What I like about the leger is how cleverly its written and how they manage to connect the deuce worlds in dissimilar ways, for example the catch and the queen being long muzzy pen pals and both Judson and the wicked witch being from mod Jersey. What I didnt like about the script was how some characters spoke randomly here and there; it made it very hard to memorize lines. I would recomm end this tactic to others to perform becaus! e its a fun play to do and a bit of a challenge with the blocking. 4. How does our production...If you indirect request to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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