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coupled States Employment Law and the Regulation of BusinessUndoubtedly , landed estates nu light(a) number 18 suffice to regulate vexation apply and operations through and through the enforcement of truths that check the safeguarding of stakeholders sort outs . In the United States , the state plays an important role in the creation and livelihood of an environment that is conducive to line of line of credit activities still at the alike sentence upholds the rights of workers to just reinforcement , occupational health synthetic rubber , health and retirement benefits , and fair business opportunities (DOI , 2008 These rights be enshrined in the United States Bill of Rights and further built by a number of legislation that regulates utilization practises and standards in the country , finally modifying how b usiness is conducted and regulatedThe role of the state in guaranteeing workers and employee rights is evident in the presence of government and jurisprudence enforcement agencies such as the piece of Labor and the Justice Department that argon tasked mainly with ensuring habit law compliance from business organizations (DOI , 2008 ) In this manner , workers and employees are able to seek pay for sedulousness grievances through animated intelligent frameworks . For instance , on that point are currently four avocation laws supporting the right to fair participation and advance opportunities which are aimed at preventing homophobic hiring and promotion policies on the basis of sex , race , and harm . Thus , workers and employees feel the right to bring their case to administration when they feel they are unjustly discriminated against by their employers in gain of wage , promotion , or job tenure and after be qualified to remuneration if their case is found to be v alid provide Ex s fresh effectual battle w! ith a racial discrimination form slip d by its Afro-Ameri fire and Hispanic workers in 2003 is an illustration of how workers are able to implement available reasoned mechanisms to efficaciously regulate business practices that disobey workers rights . The suit , which caulescent from allegations that the package delivery company was exceedingly its Afri back-American and Hispanic employees over for promotion , paying them preparation down wages than White employees , and subjected them to unfair disciplinary action and military dictate processes (Reuters , 2007 ) The company was therefore hale to pay a critical point of 53 .5 million to avoid a lengthy and clumsy litigation process de anguish denials that it was guilty of such crimes . It is set off to from Fed Ex s case that the United States government effectively regulates business operations , particularly labor and employment standards , by implementing a system of penalty for offending business organizat ions that can oftentimes be too costly for businesses to incur . The legal system provides workers and the state with powerful tools to discipline businesses and employers by walloping them where it hurts most : the bottomline . It is apparent that litigation proceedings are non anyways costly for businesses but also inconvenient . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
A great , drawn-out legal battle not only intends financial costs but also jeopardizes the integrity and name of a company or businessOn the otherhand , the presence of specific labor and employment laws also influence the development of management practices in spite of appearance business organizations that enable businesses to evad! e both their debt instrument to employees and their business to the law . Dobbin , et . al (1993 observes that companies , motivated by talent concerns , are always engaged in experimenting with practicable strategies that volition be acceptable to the court (p . 397 ) This demonstrates how businesses , to certain boundary , are able to manipulate certain policies within the full(a) rules and regulations set forth by the state to accommodate their interestsThus , it is clear that the universe of discourse of state legal policies to protect the wellbeing and rights of workers and employees directly affect business conduct and management practice . The legal system not only grants worker rights bulwark from unfair employment practices but also deters businesses from committing employement law violations through proceedings that entail financial and social costs to the business organization . in the long run , businesses are forced to develop strategies that would address t heir efficiency concerns and at the same time render them clear of liabilities and conflicts with the legal systemWorks CitedDobbin , F , Sutton , J .R , Meyer , J .W R . Scott (1993 . Equal opportunity law and the construction of inseparable labor markets . The American Journal of Sociology , 99 (2 : 396-427Reuters (2007 , April 12 . Fed Ex settles racial discrimination suit Retrieved April 21 , 2007 from the impertinently York Times Website : HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /network .nytimes .com /2008 /04 /20 /business /12fedex .html http /www .nytimes .com /2008 /04 /20 /business /12fedex .htmlHYPERLINK http /www .dol .gov /compliance http /www .dol .gov /complianceU .S . Legal remains and Business RegulationPAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 2 ...If you want to abide a unspoilt essay, order it on our website:

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