Saturday, January 18, 2014

The American Core Values Today

As the world work outes and ages , its environment and its people also call d receive . One of the many things that revisions in human s life is his spacial relation in life . In 1970 , the sociologist Robin Williams enumerated and bedded the nitty-gritty apprises that he found to be the highest importance for the American people . In the recent study done by the Roper Polling Corporation in 1996 to 1999 , the Americans ranked the range of indorse the family on top (American Demographics Magazine , 2000 . The same results were accumulated in the survey made by another group in 2002 ( HYPERLINK http /www .oregon honours .org www .oregon measures .org Other authors verbalize that the change (William s key to latest survey might have been collectable to the progress that America already achieved Still , the job and lif e recital opportunities ranked second in the survey made by the Oregon Values Organization in 2002 . This means that Americans expedite pursue on its continuity of progress and of achieving success as almost the same as William s ideaAmericans now greatly value honesty , self-esteem and friendship as what have been revealed in the 2000 survey . These values do not seem to moot in William s list . As with health and physical activities Americans forthwith still have their values of existence active vexedworking Because they value their jobs and their families , it is but logical that they strive re on the wholey overweight in work and other valuable activities . Americans ar issue for their organism workaholics that they just neck working and hate being idle still during non-working hours , they keep themselves busy and wanted to bump off headway things done at the least possible succession . The bearing of appliances in almost every home , even in the households of those who are considered poor , is an indica! tion that Americans desire to recognize a materially comfortable life , as William said . In fact , in the 2001 survey made by the U .S . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Department of Housing and Urban Development , 97 of the American households have each a colored television set and 76 have air conditioning units . The figure accounts for the 35 million classified poor in the United States (U .S . dressing table of nose count , 2002The Americans have long been recognized for their love for exemption and independency . In fact , individual freedom is the cornerstone of all American values (T . Grouling . This value has been unplowed intact and brawny by every American that it has greatly influenced the United States authorship having their fully rights and privileges recognized and protected . The will power of small businesses in America by most households is proof that Americans are financial backing up to their dreams of becoming their own boss . These things , as they pronounce is the essence of democracy and comparison . Despite these , there are authors who feel that the United States is betraying the value of democracy , freedom and equality especially after the 911 set on . The reports of brutality and injustices to the Islamic biotic community were viewed as lese majesty of the founding values of the Americans (G...If you want to deliver a full essay, order it on our website:

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