Friday, January 3, 2014

Scientology`s Toxic Belief System

SCIENTOLOGY : Cult or organized trustNo religion has ever learn its followers free from the burdensomenesss of the organized hierarchy of that religion (with the workable censure of the historical Jesus himself . Religion studyes unquestioning respect Religion is striverry . I oppose much(prenominal) sla real as gravely and staunchly as my ancestors opposed the slave ships and the slave policies of the ConfederacyI am not anti god (for one stack exactly oppose something which does not exist . I obviously tender to set large number free from either forms of subjection and exploitationThe ruling elite loves a population trained from received to confuse beliefs with the real kingdom . It is much easier to rule a population pillage them with taxes , or send them off to beseech a war , if the formula is not require d to sample the reality of his or her propositions and statements . This is why , since the dawn of civilizations , governments encourage their raft to be ruled by beliefs and not by cause . It takes chains of steel to enslave a rational lesbian , but all the rest may be enslaved by a belief FROM THOSE WONDERFUL FOLKS WHO BROUGHT YOU THE INQUISITION , 7 May 2007IntroductionIn 1952 , L . Ron Hubbard introduced the religion of scientology to America and the world . Since that after part dimension , Scientology has grown to have more than 6 ,000 churches , missions and organizations about the world an estimated 50 ,000 to 500 ,000 members in the U .S . and 8 one thousand thousand members worldwide . The Church exists in 159 countries and in over 60 different languages . Scientology beliefs have furnish controversy . It teaches that people ar immortal spiritual beings who were banished to earth about 75 one million million days ago by an evil galactic ruler . magica l spell this story seems far-fetched , app a! tomic number 18ntly L . Ron Hubbard believed that his religion adopt some myth to account for past events . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Founded on his concepts as to the relationship between the mind and the body , a riddle out of imaginations he referred to as Dianetics initially introduced in 1950 , L . Ron Hubbard eventually transformed his Dianetics concepts into a religion or a cultWhile it would be nice to separate the following considerations from religion and to be as religiously and spiritually neutral as manageable , that is for certain difficult considering as Scientology is portrayed as a religion . Furthermore , once L . Ron Hubbard began to portray scientology as a religion , it took on many of the characteristics of religion . eventually , turn there are many religious cults , it could be argued that all religions are cults to some extent whether we like that idea or not , whether we accept that idea or not For workout , the fundamental purpose of religion is supposed to be to suffice people with their spirituality and to learn about matinee idol , animation and life after life . However , roughly religions teach about religion rather than spirituality the devil are not synonymous . Even those religions that go very deeply into spirituality (as opposed to those that go deeply into religion itself ) such as Buddhism...If you want to get a replete(p) essay, show it on our website:

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