Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ethnic Homogenity

key issue #4: Ethnic cleansing: -process in which a more powerful ethnic group forcibly removes a less powwerful peerless in orde to create an ethnically homogeneous region the point of ethnic cleansing is to head off the confrontation of armies by removing he weaker ethnicity. Ethnic cleansin in Yugoslavia: -yugoslavia is a fountain region that existed from 1946-1991 in south western contained the border and a couple hundred miles inward. it is the part of europe directly eastern of italy. -Yugoslavia has seven neighbors, sise republics, five realmalities, quaternity languages,three religions, two alphabets, and one dinar. Seven neighborhoods: -3 longtime democracies:Austria, Greece,and italy -4 states governed by communists: albania, bulgaria, hungary, and romainia Six republics: -bosnia and herzegovina -croatia -macedonia -montenegro -serbia -sloveina.
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quintuple nationalities: -croats -macedonians -montenegrens -serbia -slovenes quadruplet official languages: -Croatian -macedonian -serbian (montenegrens spoke serbian) -slovene three major religions: -Roman catholic- (north) croats and slovenes -Eastern orthodox-(East) serbs and macedonians -Islam-(south) bosnians and montenegrens two alphabets: -Roman:croatian and slovene -Cyrillic:serbian and macedonian one dinar: -unit of funds -the thing that kept yugoslavia to jerk offher Josip Broz Tito: -leader of yugoslavia from 1953 to his cobblers last in 1980 -rivalries between ethnicities resurfaced after his death which caused breakup of nation in the 1990s -bosnia and herzegovina, croatia, macedonia,! and slovenia left(p) yugoslavia -montenegro and serbia remained in yugoslavia -Country then was divided into six republics -then transformed into 5 seperate countries/nationalities -four of the five nationalities (all but montenegrans) were able to be majorities in four of the five independant countries from yugoslavia ethinic cleansing in bosnia: -Bosnia Moslem was considered an...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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