Wednesday, November 6, 2013

King Of The Sports

As part of the GCSE PE course, I lay down been asked to theorize weedy to the components of fitness in a range of activities with a fix to drawing the poove of the Sports. Over the departed 6 weeks we have been examination out a number of sports to find the King of the Sports. The sports we tried and true were: football game, Rugby, play, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball and Tennis. We tried and true certain aspects to check up on which sport is the hardest and best(p) and which sport you need the most components to r individually the highest level. We tried the sports on: Power, invigorate, Co-ordination, commensurateness, lightsomeness and answer Time. Hypothesis I think that football game or rugby is the King of the Sports. methodological analysis Over the past 6 weeks we have tested slightly sports in our PE lessons to demonstrate and identify the King of the Sports. We have tested; football, rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball, hockey and badminton. To identify the King of the Sports we applied six tests to each(prenominal) sport. The tests we applied were; agility, reception time, power, speed, co-ordination and balance. In each lesson we played a match in the tested sport, and at the end of each lesson we rated the sport with mark out of 10 for each of the components. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Results | Football| Rugby| Cricket| Tennis| Hockey| Badminton| Basketball| Agility | 8| 8| 6| 7| 7| 9| 7| Reaction Time| 7| 8| 9| 9| 7| 10| 8| Co-ordination| 8| 8| 8| 8| 8| 9| 8| Speed| 9| 8| 6| 9| 7| 8| 7| Balance| 9| 7| 7| 8| 7| 7| 7| Power| 9| 9| 8| 9| 7| 6| 7| 50,48,44,50,4 3,49,44 The results ar sh! own in the display board above and are shown in the graph. Discussion The results show that it is demanding to crown one sport as King of Sports. apiece sport requires different strengths, skills and attributes to perform at peak performance. however the results show that Football ended crossroads top with Tennis, followed by Badminton, then...If you want to get a beneficial essay, order it on our website:

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