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Erick Hernandez HUMS 274 Professor, Dee Gross Assignment #1 1.For my search on I decided to slip in Apocalypto by Mel Gibson as my extract to evince vanadium external reviews about the celluloid. Furtherto a great extent, as I was reading and acquittance over all(prenominal) review, I noticed that the commentators conclusions about Apocalyptos message and value was the violence in the death days of the great Maya and the twin to modern civilization that destroys environments and sacrifices people for wars. For exemplar in unity of the reviews from Rolling-st nonpareil create verbally by Peter Travers it said, Its impossible not to see parallels to our own enculturationd civilization, one that wittingly destroys its environment and sends serviceman to Iraq as human sacrifices (rolling stone). So as one can see in this example, the reviewers meaning and value of the film is a dying civilization or civilization thirst for sacrifices as a way of saving the civilization. Also, the reviewer show more of an instrument idolize or should I say director worship, because it focuses more on Mel Gibsons life and his directing this film and his separate disputable Passion of the Christ. Finally, out of all the reviews that I read about this film I thought that one in particular was most effective in expressing the birth and meaning of Mel Gibsons Apocalypto. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The review that did this was Rolling-stones review written by Peter Travers who clarified that the experience and meaning of the film is when in times of turbulence for a civilization, they will go to in grained actions such as sacrificing others, ! to try and purify and that their dying empire. He used modern American culture and civilization as an example because he feels that its destroying environments and sacrificing troops to save, secure, and strengthen an empire that everyday seems closer to its demise. 2.I viewed the previews of vanadium recent films on which were Prometheus, puff white and the huntsman, Madagascar 3: atomic number 63s most...If you want to get a full essay, post it on our website:

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