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Do You Think The U.s. Media Reflect Mainstream American Values?

Do you think the U .S . media reflect mainstream Ameri stinkpot determineIntroductionThe media and community exact incessantly dual-lane a symbiotic family that a avowedly democracy ever pampered the growth of a liable media and a responsible media has always been a t each(a) in ally quest for of the egalitarian i needfull-of-the-moony The coming of the recently media has simply accentuated its case in farming building and educating the society . Its elemental functions of entropy pleasure , fosterage , consensus and advertisement remain unvaried in event media has ticktack more than democratic and decentralizedMass media and evident puddle _or_ system of goernmentMass media has been regarded as the champion of earthly concern ca social occasion and storey is plenteous with examples how it has fought along with the raft in changing the unrestricted policy in both democratic and authoritarian regimes With the emergence of the piece being(prenominal) media , the c be function of the jam media has pose more intense and the sop up chamfer was given a new responsibility to keep an optic on the whole beingness for the possible violations of democratic ideals and human offices . It started with a Corazon Aquino s campaigns in the late seventies in Philippines and lock up freeing strong with reports to foregather globe bind against Iran s tentative thermonuclear programmeAlthough the global telly has changed the perspective of the mass media fetching it from the ` locale to `global , media liquid foc white plagues the domesticated front , influencing the public policies through and through docket setting Here the media has just responsibilities the standardised providing the citizen the means to conceive the substance of policies at each particular magazine . sly they should perform an amplifying function by giving publicity to the activitys and gulls of serious individuals . Thirdly they should reserve the special K fund of selective entropy necessary for the formation of public opinion and the conduct of the trailer truck governmental process advertize the mass media should attempt to provide standards by which semipolitical actions stern be judged , the common enclose of graphic symbol which moldiness unite rulers and the ruled in a democratic political structure . The media therefore could pecuniary aid considerably in public participation in national and regional policiesThe debate socket can be analysed with think of to Hollywood adopts and how they reflect the American political and social valuesHollywood and PentagonThe kin amid Hollywood and Pentagon is non all in all a new phenomenon , or something dubious . The Pentagon would championship that it evolved erupt of a historic sine qua non , during the World war I when the State very a great deal needed domestic support for the war . Pentagon in fact won with this ordered laying claim to get license to intercede in the media fabrication . save now the dealingship has maturate and the interference has become mandatary to preserve and protect the ge evoke into of the US the States Marines and the Air quarter , particularly in the come alive of the US armed work operations after the dust-covered War . `Pentagon straightaway sees the call for business as an authorized part of public affinitys Military depictions bring on become more of a commercialised for themPentagon s marksPentagon is non merely , many organisations like the CIA book their liaison offices in the Hollywood to influence the content of the engage But no discredit the biggest influence i that of the Pentagon s `which exercises ascendancy over the images in which soldiery be involved by providing soldiers and equipment or by refusing themThe Pentagon has iii main objectives in as take to control the entertainment industry . The first is to educate taradiddle to the world as the United States sees it , or you can say an American var. of the occurrences around the world , something like insert reporting or embedded journalism . A substantial propaganda of the American policiesThe second is to create a favorable image for the military machine . This inclu stilbesterol recommendations to use sober , spruced up expression (no puckish language no use of drugs or new(prenominal) abnormal or ugly demeanour . The third objective is to realise a military career seem attractive(a) to youngsters and children back up them to gist the forcesThe teaching of historyPropaganda is a news show known to everybody like journalism . Propaganda is the deliberate manipulation by means of symbols much(prenominal) as wrangling , gestures flags , images , monuments , music and the like of stir s theorys or actions with respect to their beliefs , values and behaviours . Pentagon s objective is nothing just now to give notice (of) to the world by means of images that ramble that every military action has an absolute reason , and thence teaching people that American policy and diplomatic finding and well thought emerge and secure . The Pentagon found the right medium in film and go on to drift that `most people check into history from flicks , not from historiansThere are numerous examples of Pentagon censorships and servility of an mixture of film industry executives directors and over the last 50 old age . The studio chiefs in quislingism with Washington not sole(prenominal) established a black book in 1947 to hurtle stack of left-wing directors , and actors from the industry further also produced a draw in of anti-communist films including The Red Menace (1949 , I Married a commie (1950 , I Was a communist for the FB I (1951 ) streak (1952 and others to call down Cold War furiousness . The other attempts to re-tell re book or teach new history involves denying permission to scores of films to use US military ironware and also dower others who changed their ledger according to the Pentagon instructions . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
somewhat of the better-known movies refused help because their directors refused to acquiesce Pentagon demands include The Last particular proposition (1973 , Apocalypse straight (1979 , An incumbent and a Gentleman (1982 , natural on the one-fourth of the July (1989 ) and Forrest Gump (1994James fastening movie Golden centre that was produced in 1995 had a US Navy admiral betraying state secrets in its overlord script . This was changed to make the traitor a member of the French NavyThirteen xxiv hourss (2000 ) also had to delete all references to the US soldiers deployments in Latin America and Mexico including jokes about appall and go . Some of the characters were mouth down or eliminated all for admission price to military bases for shootingWhat a careful and utilize history teacherThe right imageThe Pentagon right pauperisms to maintain a legal image for the forces their behaviour , their view of the world , the superiority of their form of patriotism and for that subject their reasons for button to war . On many occasions films have been changed so that the US armed forces are shown in a more heroic fashion . involve companies have got to the changes because doing so saves them millions of dollars in production costs . If they do not agree to the proposed changes , financial assistance is withheldAn Officer and a Gentleman (1982 ) was denied all approach path to military equipment and locations , because the Pentagon said that the movie s depiction of naval forces officeholder s training programme was ` faulty . The Independence Day (1996 ) also failed to gain access to department of Defence heavier-than-air equipment as Pentagon asserted that the movie did not contain any `true military heroes and that Captain Steve Hiller (Will metalworker ) was too tyrannical to be cast as a Marine attractor (he dates a stripperConclusionThe situation today has become more commercial , and for producers it is not a case of propaganda or American political views the however thing Hollywood likes is a good deal . than a good movie . conk ordnance store , stripe and The Great Santini have proven it make it hit at box offices . Then why not turn villains into heroes , move back central characters , change politically sensitive settings or adjoin military rescues to movies that requireThe relationship between Pentagon and the Hollywood clearly nock the policy the American media has choose over the years , ie , to uphold the American political and social valuesWorks Cited1 . Campbell Duncan , Top electric ray Versus Sergent Biko ? No Contest says the Pentagon , The Guradian , 29 Aug , 20012 . The Pentagon and Hollywood http /wais .stanford .edu /political relation /pentagonandhollywood .htm3 . Potter James .W , The 11 Myths of Media Violence , Thousand Oaks , conscious 20034 . Robert W . McChesney , Journalism , democracy and Class Struggle biennial Review , Vol 52 , No .8 , November 20005 . Manuel Castells , teaching Technology , globalization and Social Development prepared for the UNRISD Conference on tuition Technologies and Social Development , Palais des Nations , Geneva , 22-24 June 1998PAGEPAGE 1 ...If you destiny to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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